Just another self-involved mom blogger deluded enough to think that emptying my mental junk drawer constitutes entertainment. What the world DOES NOT need now, is yet another blog and since I excel at useless contributions to society, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’ve been married ten years to the love of my life, a film and t.v. writer, and we have two sons – an 11-year-old and a 6-year-old. In my B.C. (Before Children) life, I worked for Wesley Snipes’ Amen Ra Films and wrote script coverage for New Regency Productions. In my spare time, I wrote spec scripts that nobody wanted to buy.

In my A.D. (After Delivery) life, I became a work-at-home mom who still writes occasional spec scripts nobody wants to buy and  writes freelance articles, that thankfully, some people do want to buy.

I’ve had my share of adventures in my wayward youth: I’ve worked as a stripper in San Francisco to pay my way through college at UC Berkeley, backpacked through Europe and even participated in ghost hunts and exorcisms with the world’s premiere paranormal researchers. But nothing, and I mean nothing, tops the weird and wonderful journey that is motherhood. And that’s what this blog is, a celebration of all things weird, surreal and wonderful, especially parenthood.