Jan 29, 2008

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Best compliment ever

I was leaving my taekwondo class the other night and as I walked along Ventura Blvd. to my parked car, I had to pass a group of young men who were loitering outside a head shop. They reeked of pot and booze and were almost featureless and indistinguishable from one another in their uniform of oversized hoodies and baggy, boxer-revealing jeans and Vans.

I felt that familiar knot of dread in my stomach, knowing I would have to pass through that gauntlet of bored, slightly inebriated guys. You girls know the drill: avoid eye contact, walk briskly and make your face an impassive mask as you listen to the lewd comments and wolf whistles directed your way. As I passed by, they called out to me and to my dismay, started walking behind me. I stiffened and and readjusted my heavy bag full of sparring gear and looked back at them challengingly.

They stopped in their tracks, and for the first time, seemed to take in my karate uniform and the bag full of sparring gear. One of the guys pulled his friends back and exclaimed, “Aw, hell no! ” He shook his head and said, “Uh uh, dude. This chick will seriously f*ck you up.” And just like that, they all staggered back to their post in front of the head shop, shaking their heads and mumbling about crazy chicks who know judo and shit and went intently back to their business of loafing.

I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but with my petite build and stature, I’ve never been regarded as anyone who could “seriously f*ck you up.” So this is high praise, indeed.

  1. Great story and it is nice to see that all your hard work is respected. Lucky for them you were in your karate uniform and they were smart enough to back off. I took karate for a little and my girlfriends friend was in the class. She’s 40 mom of 2 and a black belt. One Saturday I see her getting out of her car to go to class. This was my first Saturday class and I had not seen her before. I was told about her from my girlfriend but had not seen her in action. Anyway from her looks you wouldn’t assume a thing. petite women that’s it. In class she kicked butt! It was a small class maybe like 5 people I am telling you no one could keep up with her speed and her kicks were not quick light kicks she could mess me or any guy in that class up in a second. Not that I would ever evn think of starting something with a stranger, never mind a woman but at first glance I would not think twice of this woman.My point is those guys caught a break that you were in your uniform because I don’t doubt you could’ve messed them up. So congratulations on your compliment you have earned it. Keep up the good work and good luck on the black belt

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