Mar 4, 2008

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Dieter’s Dream – Tofu Shirataki Noodles

LOW CARB — Only 3g of carbs per serving

LOW CALORIE — 20 calories per 4 oz serving






Spring has sprung and all the tank tops and strappy dresses are adorning the store windows. As much as I hate to diet, I’ve reached a frustrating plateau of postpartum weight loss. In my previous pregnancies, those last five were the most stubborn to lose and ironically, they only budged when I ate MORE. Guess I needed to trick the ol’ metabolism out of fat storage mode. This time around, however, my body knows all my tricks and has stubbornly decided to hang on to my last three pounds of belly fat no matter how much I work out or eat or don’t eat.

So this time, I’m cutting back on my carb intake and that’s no easy feat for a Korean girl who loves her rice and noodles. That’s why I love these “noodles” that aren’t really noodles at all. They’re only 20 calories a serving and you can substitute this into any pasta recipe.

The drawbacks: When you open the bag, you will want to pass out from the smell. It really smells like a bag of dead goldfish until you rinse and drain those noodles thoroughly. Just breathe through your mouth and avert your face during the rinsing process. Also, the texture takes a little getting used to. It’s kind of squeaky and slippery and slimy.

But it’s so easy to prepare. Just nuke these rinsed noodles in the microwave for a minute then toss with your favorite marinara sauce, curry sauce, or even low fat chili (which I did last night) and you have a healthy, low-cal dinner in a flash. Too bad I can’t convince my kids to touch the stuff. I find these at my local supermarket wherever they sell tofu in the refrigerator section. But then again, I live in L.A. with a good ethnic population.

Here’s a link to House Foods America for where you can find these noodles in your area.

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