May 29, 2009

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Britain’s Oldest Mom Gives Birth

I don’t get all the haters out there. Elizabeth Adeney just gave birth at 66 years old to her first baby conceived via IVF (a procedure she had done in the Ukraine due to age restrictions in her home country). Critics have called her “selfish” for being a single mum and having the gall to have a baby at her advanced age and point out that she may never live to see her child into adulthood.
Although those are valid concerns, Adeney is financially well-off and has the resources to care for her child in any eventuality without public aid. So ultimately, is this really anybody else’s business? As for the “selfish” criticism – oh please. Is there anything inherently more selfish than the act of reproducing at any age? It’s the ultimate act of hubris – this conviction that what the world needs now is more of your DNA. Our biological imperative is a selfish one.
There’s no pleasing the Gestation Gestapo no matter what, so my congratulations go out to Elizabeth Adeney. If she doesn’t mind being in diapers at the same time as her offspring, then why should we care?
Elizabeth Adeney, 66 years old, is Britains Oldest New Mum.

Elizabeth Adeney, 66 years old, is Britain's Oldest New Mum.

  1. This is no one’s business but Elizabeth’s. She did not take anyone
    else’s money for any of this and likely never will. She was healthy
    enough to carry her baby nearly to term, which says something about
    her physical condition even prior to her pregnancy. I’m very happy
    for her that her much-wanted son is here and healthy. His name,
    Jolyon, means ‘young at heart,’ which I think is absolutely great.
    It sounds like a lot of thought was put into everything regarding her
    decision to have this child and I have no doubt she has planned for
    any eventuality.

  2. Bottom line, her baby is loved and wanted. She can afford to provide
    anything he might need. It’s not a perfect or ideal situation, but
    people need to save their condemnation for the abusive, neglectful
    or drug-addicted mothers. This woman is perfectly well equipped to
    be an excellent mother. I hope she lives for a good, long time and
    her son is a healthy, happy boy who knows how special he is.

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