Mar 12, 2010

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Cheese Made From Breast Milk!?

Daniel Angerer, the chef at Manhattan’s Klee Brasserie, couldn’t bear to waste his wife’s excess breast milk so he made cheese, yes cheese out of it.

I’ll confess that when I was breastfeeding my boys, I sampled my own wares out of curiosity. Breast milk is surprisingly sweet, like melted ice cream. Once, when I ran out of milk, I even considered using some pumped milk for my morning coffee, but decided against it in the end. I don’t have many hard and fast rules I live by, but imbibing my own bodily fluids is one I try to follow. I think it’s a good rule.

I also like to extend that rule to other people’s excretions as well. So although that platter of cheese looks like any old cheese, I think I’d pass on a taste test. Frankly, I’m surprised the Health Department hasn’t converged on the restaurant. ¬†Aside from the ick factor, making cheese out of breast milk that isn’t Grade A may be a good way to catch Hepatitis A. I’m just saying.

If you follow the link, there’s a video of people sampling the breast cheese.

LINK: iVillage

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