Mar 24, 2012

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“Creepy-Ass Dolls”

As the mother of two sons, I am profoundly grateful that I will never have to step foot into an American Girl store and be surrounded by my worst nightmare: dolls. I’m not sure how this fear originated, but I have always been really creeped out by dolls, even as a child. The uncanny valley-ness of their plastic eyelids clicking shut just made my skin crawl. Even now as a grown-ass woman, I go out of my way to avoid the doll aisle at Target and hastily avert my eyes or change the channels if a doll commercial for Baby Alive comes on.

So when I saw this Creepy-Ass Dolls site and book via Creepy LA, I thought, “Yes! Finally someone understands!”

Although picking out Lego shrapnel out of my feet with tweezers isn’t a picnic either, at least I can sleep at night not worrying about a Lego minifigure possessing my soul in the middle of the night.



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