Jan 13, 2011

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Gwyneth’s Advice to Working Moms Makes Me Feel Even More Like Shit.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest entry of GAG, er, I mean GOOP, ┬áchirpily shares some ridiculously useless advice on how other working moms can achieve balance in their lives by sharing her “day in the life,” along with other fabulous, uber-rich galpals Stella McCartney and Juliet de Baubigny (a venture capitalist).

This particular article really plays to Gwyneth’s strength: Smugly doling out useless, elitist advice that only other women in her tax bracket can possibly hope to really duplicate, and in the process, making the rest of us underexercising, underachieving, overeating and overworking moms without benefits of personal trainers and nannies feel like worthless pieces of shit.

But thanks, Gwynnie, for the fun read, and you will always remain one of my favorite MILPs (Mom’s I’d Like to Punch). Your smugness completes me.

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