May 15, 2012

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Evil Stalker Clown For Hire at Children’s Birthday Parties

What do you get the birthday kid who has everything? How about an evil stalking clown? I’ll bet you didn’t expect me to say that. File this one under “I couldn’t make this sh*t up if I tried” category. But Dominic Deville, a Swiss actor,  is a professional evil birthday clown who (for a fee, of course) ominously stalks your child via text message and phone for a week leading up to the birthday party, warning them that they are being watched and that they’ll soon be attacked. After stalking your child for a week and scaring the spicy tuna roll out of him, Deville shows up wearing an evil clown mask and smashes a birthday cake in their frightened little faces

According to the blog post by The Huffington Post, this is meant “all in fun” and Deville promises to back off at the request of parents. How very reassuring.

If you’re the kind of parent that wants to ensure that your child suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and will lose bowel control every time s/he hears the Happy Birthday song for the rest of his or her life, you can go to . Just make sure you add in the future therapy bills into the fee.

I know that this is all kinds of wrong, wildly inappropriate, totally twisted and I’d never inflict this on any child because I hate clowns. So why can’t I stop laughing about this? I’m a sick mother.

So what do you think about the evil birthday clown as entertainment at birthday party? Harmless fun or fifty shades of effed up?


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