Jan 30, 2009

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Octuplets Mom Already Has 6 other kids!

The anonymous woman who gave birth to octuplets in Bellflower, California this week already has 6 other children (one set of twins), ranging in ages 2 to 7! Math isn’t my best subject, but that adds up to 14 children under the age of 7 under one roof.

Details are starting to trickle out about this mother’s circumstances, even though her identity remains under wraps. Apparently, she’s already filed for bankruptcy and abandoned a home over a year ago and she and herĀ  children currently live with her parents. The baby(ies) daddy isn’t in the picture so it looks like gramps has to go back to his native Iraq to earn money to feed all those hungry mouths living with him now.

It’s clear that this mother not only used fertility drugs, but had embryonic transfers to obtain these octuplets and this is where the ethical questions start whirling around in my befuddled head. I’m not going to go all “Brave New World” and start ranting about reproductive restrictions, but you’ve got to be kidding me.

Fertility drugs and embryos shouldn’t be passed out like candy. Even a bartender has the common sense to cut off a patron who’s had enough. What fertility doctor thought that a mother with 6 other children at home she can’t support, was a good candidate for fertility treatments????!!!!! Shouldnt there be psych evaluations and considerations of socioeconomic situations? Am I missing something here?

I’m more than a little incredulous, outraged and saddened by this story. This woman is the baby version of the crazy cat lady, only she’s the crazy kid lady. There are laws against animal hoarding and baby hoarding is even worse.


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