Sep 24, 2012

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Goody Bag Alternative – Lego Soaps

When you’re hitting the birthday party circuit every weekend like me, chances are you are coming home with a bag full of future landfill. Not to sound ungrateful, but it’s usually filling-destroying, cheap candy mixed in with stickers, glow sticks and other developing-world-produced detritus that is destined to go right into the garbage. I’m not a hippy or an eco-advocate, but the sheer waste generated by the average birthday party has firmly cemented my anti-goody bag stance in recent years. And yet, I am not comfortable, breaking tradition with giving a little parting gift to guests as a thank-you-for-coming gesture. So over the years of throwing kiddie parties, I’ve tried different things.


I’ve tried to downsize and get one bigger, item instead of a bag full of junk. It usually ended up being the same cost in the end. In recent years, I’ve done marshmallow shooters after Laser Tag parties or a mini golf club after a mini-golf party. After a Thomas the Tank Engine themed party, I wrapped bandana handkerchiefs around an engineer’s cap and attached it to a dowel to mimic a hobo’s bindle.


In other years, I’ve gone the eco-friendly route and gave away a tree-in-a-box or a small Forget-me-not flower in a pot. But this year, I discovered these rad Lego Soaps from the Tub Time Shop on Etsy. You can customize from a wide variety of scents and who couldn’t use soap, right? These were a huge hit at my 6-year-old son’s birthday party last weekend and it’s good clean fun.

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