Aug 11, 2010

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Hopping on the Silly Bandz-wagon

Maybe I’m a little old to be rocking the Silly Bandz, but after buying a pack of Western-themed ones for my son, I became hooked. I tried on a yellow star badge and a purple cowboy boot and never looked back.

Generally, I’m a minimalist when it comes to jewelry but once I became a mom, I avoided it altogether. Anybody who’s had a hoop earring pulled by a toddler with a death grip knows what I’m talking about. Bracelets and rings tend to get snagged on clothing or scratch up tender baby skin. In addition, I practice martial arts so wearing jewelry is a no-no.

I have scrawny wrists so these tiny Silly Bandz fit snugly and comfortably. They don’t snag on anything and no matter how many you stack together, they never jingle or make noise. Plus, these are the trendier and mobile equivalent of that doorknob at your grandma’s house covered with rubber bands.

These silicone bands are cheerful multi-taskers and can do anything a rubber band can do and better. They make awesome pony tail holders that don’t slip or break. My coarse, curly pony tail is as thick as a baby’s arm and I’ve never found a hair band strong enough to contain it – until now.

If I open a bag of pretzels and can’t locate a chip clip, I just pull off a Silly Bandz and wrap it around the bag. I’ve bundled up errant chapsticks and lip glosses in my purse, note cards, coupons and pens. The uses are endless but out of all the functions, the most important one is that whenever I look down at my wrist decorated with sparkly Wonder Woman bands, I smile.

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blogs. And the Cat Psychic article was
    hysterical. I’m a mom, a cat lover and a teacher.
    Thanks for making me laugh.

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