Sep 17, 2008

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Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Democrats and Republicans will never see eye to eye about Sarah Palin. This so-called MILF is more of a MILP (Mom I’d like to Punch), if you ask me. But I think everyone can agree that she really SUCKS at baby-naming.

Somehow, I don’t think the names of her moniker-challenged offspring : Track, Trig, Willow, Bristol and Piper, will end up on any top 20 baby name lists anytime soon.

So for your amusement, here’s a link to a Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator at Polit Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Enter your name and a Palinesque moniker will be generated for you. I entered in my name and the names of everyone in my family and this is what came up.

Minsun = Hen Waffle Palin

Teddy= Hose Hotrod Palin (my personal fave)

Jonah = Meat Notgay Palin

Asher = Recoil Mush Palin

Have fun and please share your new Palin-inspired name when you’re done.

  1. Ammo Canal Palin says:

    Its just me, cuzzin Ammo checking in from New Orleans. Don’t tell Auntie Sarah i am here in this Big Easy!

  2. jennycherie says:

    Jennifer = Rust Mustang Palin

    Okay – the name generator is really funny but to be fair, I actually
    know a guy named Trig and who doesn’t love Piper Perabo? So all the
    names aren’t THAT weird. For what it’s worth, it took us four kids
    to finally figure out that it’s important to have names that are easy
    to SAY and SPELL! Our son’s name looks weird to most people, our first
    daughter’s name is pretty but difficult for people to “hear” at first,
    our second daughter is Rebekah(finally a normal name, but we
    were dumb enough to go with the biblical spelling! What were we
    thinking!), so finally, with the last of our offspring, we chose Holly–
    easy to say, easy to spell, perfect! Of course, her classmates all have
    names like Ahsha, Taliqua, Rukkyah. . .

  3. With my first and middle names I get Snowshoe Man Palin.Anyhow… my mid-west lierbal university instructor baby sister seriously considered naming her baby boy Tyr. She might be sorry she didn’t now. And… maybe I shouldn’t go here but only uptight white people and traditional asians *don’t* name their children this way. I don’t suppose the parents of Sky Moonchild will switch their vote to McCain but what will those black parents with creatively named children think of making fun of perfectly wonderful, if unusual, names? And what about native Americans? Could this be partly due to some element of Todd’s family culture?And even a whole lot of the names that are traditional for uptight white people were originally something like “child number eight” or “boy with red hair.”

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