Feb 4, 2010

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The Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters Rule!

I’m not one of those domestic goddesses who prepare elaborate bento box school lunches bursting with gourmet goodies, along with a little note tucked inside. ┬áIf it’s not leftover pizza or pasta from dinner, invariably my go-to lunch time staple is the sandwich – with the crusts cut off, of course. After 8 years of packing lunches, I never want to uncrust another turkey or peanut butter & jelly sandwich again.

But then I discovered The Lunch Punch sandwich cutters invented by Kiersten Jowett, a friend of an old friend of mine. She kindly sent me some samples to try and I had a ridiculously good time preparing my ten thousandth pb & j sandwich.

These ingenious little cutters cut off the crusts with minimum waste and come in animal and puzzle shapes. My boys are both partial to the puzzle shaped cutters and love pulling the pieces apart and putting them back together.

I’ve used other sandwich cutters in the past, but it always bugged me how much bread was left behind. These ingenious cutters are sized for jumbo-sized bread slices, so you’re not forced to sacrifice sandwich substance for style.

LINK: The Lunch Punch

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